Using Video Throughout the Sales Process: Part 2 in the Sales & Video Series

March 16, 2022

No two organization’s sales processes look alike. Depending on your industry and product, your sales process may have more or less steps than someone else’s. Regardless of what exactly happens during your sales process, you can benefit from using video. Let’s explore some ways to use video throughout the sales process.

Video is essential for prospecting as it shows that you’re a real person. Send your prospects a video of yourself that provides an introduction to you, your organization, and why your product or service would benefit them. A great tactic for prospecting videos is to make videos at this stage personalized for each prospect. Saying your prospect’s name in the beginning of the video lets them know that the video was made just for them. Include a call to action at the end of these videos so your prospect can schedule a time to chat with you or attach a piece of introductory content they can learn more.

Using video in the prospecting stage not only is memorable for new prospects but adds human connection early on in the process. Starting that connection-building process early on is a great way to facilitate trust and a strong relationship.

Whatever your sales process looks like, there will come a time when you need to nurture your leads to keep them engaged and interested in your offerings. Here are some suggested ways to incorporate video into the lead nurturing process.

Send Video Meeting Agendas: While you most likely share an agenda with your prospects ahead of any meetings, try sending a video with the agenda. Take a video of yourself where you talk through any of the major items and express your excitement for the chance to learn more about their experience.

Share Meeting Recap Videos: Did a meeting with your prospect result in a lot of follow up actions? After a meeting, send a video of yourself that gives a meeting recap to reiterate that you are on the same page and list any next steps or action items that you or your prospect need to complete.

Introduce a Valuable Piece of Content: Did you see an article or an eBook that aligned with your prospect’s experience? Share it with them, but also include a video of yourself that explains the content and the value you hope your prospect receives from it.

Attach a Micro-Demo: If you are selling a product that can be demoed, share a video micro-demos with your prospect. A micro-demo should be under 10 minutes long and can go through any specific features or elements that are relevant to your prospect’s use case. The video should also be narrated that explains what you are showing and any steps or key features you are going through. This type of video will allow your prospect to review any functionality that they would need for their use of your product.

Check out this example of a micro-demo, done by Insightpath CEO, Terry Nawrot:

All of these video ideas for the nurturing stage allows your prospect to “see” you on video and further develop your connection.

Closing & Post-Sale
At the end of the sales process, it’s good idea to use video to reinforce your great relationship. During closing, you can use video to explain your proposal and any next steps for you or your future client. Once the sale is officially closed, share a video where you thank your new client and lay the groundwork for any cross or up-selling you may want to do down the line. If your client had a great sales experience, you can also use the video to ask for a referral.

Another way to use video for post-sale is to introduce your client to the people they will now be working with, like the customer success or support teams. Highlighting these team members on video is a great way to keep up that good relationship you have built and let your client know that they’re in good hands.

We hope you found some inspiration for ways to incorporate video into your sales process. Every organization’s way of doing things is different, so feel free to take the ideas that work for you and leave the ones that don’t. This concludes part 2 of our Sales & Video series. Check back next week for the final blog in this series, Best Practices for Sales Videos.

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