How Using Video in Your Email Marketing Can Boost Sales

May 1, 2024

why use email marketingWhat is Video Email Marketing?

Video email marketing is a self-explanatory marketing tactic; it is including videos in your email marketing. Video is a popular medium and as such is important to include in all areas of your marketing. Videos can be used in emails to educate your prospects and clients, inform your audience about new products and offerings, explain complicated topics, and anything you may want to use it for.

Let’s explore more about why and how you should include video in your email marketing.

Benefits of Using Videos in Email Marketing Campaigns

Most organizations already utilize email marketing as part of their marketing toolkit. Video can help make your emails more engaging for your audience. Video can add education and engagement to any email campaign and can be used for a variety of purposes. Emails with video can help your prospects learn more about your product, can highlight an upcoming event you are hosting, can provide insights into the growth of your company, and more.

Furthermore, we have evidence that people want video content. According to studies, 54% of consumers want to see branded content from businesses. People enjoy watching video content regularly. Having video in your emails (and mentioning it your subject lines or preview text) will encourage your audience to open and read your emails.

benefits of video in email marketing

Video Best Practices for Email Marketing

It can be helpful to include video in your emails but it should be done right. Video files can be quite large and need to be able to render properly on desktop and mobile devices. HubSpot suggests two workarounds for embedding videos so that your emails avoid the spam folder.

  1. Embed a GIF of your video that is linked to the full video.
  2. Embed a still image from your video with a play button that links to the complete video.

Both of these options allow viewers a sneak peek at your video while solving the challenging problem of embedding a large file. These gifs or images should be accompanied by some information about what viewers can expect to see in the video to entice them to watch. Read the full steps to create these two options in this HubSpot blog.

how to send long videos over email

Another best practice for video and email: review your metrics. Test different video subject matters, lengths, and styles with your viewers. Find what works best with your audience and always be on the lookout for ways you can improve. You may find that different segments of your audience like different video formats; your clients may enjoy quick how-to videos about your product while your partners may like watching more highly produced videos about your company. The best way to find out: start creating and sharing videos.

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