Simple Steps

Videos are traditionally complex to coordinate and film. Not to mention the time it takes to fully learn how to use video editing tools. It’s no wonder creating videos remains at the bottom of many business owner’s to-do lists. VideoRequest was created to save you time, money and frustration when it comes to making a video!

  • Send a link to a customer and they can easily record a feedback or testimonial video right from their desktop or mobile device.
  • Or, record a video of yourself or your team on your own device.
  • Edit your video using a simplified editing tool that gives you the features you need: clipping, transcriptions, image and text overlays, etc.
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Everything You Need in One Place

VideoRequest is an all-in-one video marketing platform. With VideoRequest, you can easily collect, create, edit, and share videos, without switching programs. A majority of the platforms on the market only offer one of these features.

VideoRequest has you covered throughout the whole process, from:

  • The filming of your video,
  • Editing your video,
  • And finally, distributing it across social or email channels, and embedding on your website.

Sharing Videos

Share on Social, in Email or Website

VideoRequest offers a variety of ways to share your videos, including:

  • On social channels such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and more!
  • Embed your video into landing pages or on your website.
  • Email your video right from VideoRequest using our Outlook or Gmail integration.

guided templates for consistency

I’ve been using Insightpath and incorporating these incredible videos in my newsletters with links or embedding the code. I’ve noticed a real uptake in my newsletter open rate. This opens a level of trust, to know someone before you reach out and set up a call. I love this platform more than anything and I believe every entrepreneur and anyone in business or intercommunications amongst staff and teams can level-up the ability to communicate because you can see, you can hear, you can feel, you can understand and develop trust faster when you can look someone in the eye.

Sheryl Lynn

Chair of Joy/CEO, Joyely

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A Cost-Effective Video Platform

Create high quality videos for a budget-friendly price. VideoRequest offers a variety of pricing plans for any budget. All plans include the ability to create, edit, and share videos.

Choose your plan based on your needs:

  • Unlimited Users, OR
  • Unlimited Videos, OR
  • Outsourced services,
  • You decide!

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