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VideoRequest is an easy to use AI enhanced video software.  Request videos for testimonials, advocacy or events, create videos for training, thank you messages or marketing campaigns. Our built-in video editor and integrations to social media, provides everything you need in one solution!


Share your story with video testimonials.


Promote your brand, benefits or programs.


Request videos from speakers to promote sessions.


Promote Exhibitors and Sponsors with Video

Provide exhibitors and sponsors an extra benefit by offering to market them with a video.  Send a video request asking to share who they are and why they attend your event. Promote this video content on social media to increase your conference registration.

We reach out to many direct support professionals with narratives of good stories about the people we provide services to. This tool has been invaluable in getting that message out in a very authentic and very genuine fashion.
Chris Lyons

CEO, AIM Services, Inc.


We understand the time and money it takes to produce videos to meet your organization’s needs.  Making videos does not have to be such a complex process.

With VideoRequest, creating effective videos has never been easier.  Simply share a dedicated URL or QR code with anyone for them to create a video, collect their video, edit and share their video with the world.

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