Video Content

Are you looking for a simple method to produce video content?

  • Generate appreciation videos to distribute to sponsors, donors, clients, members, or anyone else.
  • Solicit videos from exhibitors, speakers, or sponsors to boost event attendance.
  • Capture your screen to share presentations, spreadsheets, or training sessions seamlessly.
  • Our user-friendly video software offers a comprehensive suite of tools, including a video editor, transcription services, AI enhancements, social media integrations, and much more!

Cost Effective

Are you facing budget constraints or limited resources?

  • Creating videos can be costly and time-intensive.
  • Save time by eliminating the need for multiple tools, uploads, and downloads. Simply send a link to anyone, anywhere, and let them record and submit their videos.
  • We provide a comprehensive product with pricing options to suit any budget.
  • VideoRequest simplifies the video creation process.

Video Editor

Are you finding video editing challenging?

VideoRequest provides an AI-enhanced video editor offering:

  • Trimming: Easily select the segments of the video you wish to keep.
  • Transcription: Automatically transcribe all collected, created, or uploaded videos.
  • Captions: Add captions and images at any point in your video.
  • Virtual Background: Replace the original background with a virtual one in any video.
  • Enhancements: Correct eyes, apply AI voiceovers, add music, and adjust lighting.
  • And that’s just the beginning!

Students love video. How much? Well, based on our first campaign, we saw a 25 percent click rate and the number of recipients who took action and recorded a video on the platform, a 100 percent increase over a similar campaign we’ve used before, asking the same deliverable from the same recipients without using the platform. So I’ve been telling everyone about this new tool in my engagement toolbox and it’s just too good to keep to myself.

Kelly Reardon-Sleicher

Associate Program Director and NSF I-Corps Instructor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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