Engage Your Volunteers with Video

May 3, 2023

No matter what your association’s mission is, your volunteers are an extremely important part of your association. Whether your volunteers are temporary, long-term, old, or young, they are vital in helping your association meet its goals. Let’s explore how video can help you grow, retain, and engage your volunteers.

Grow Your Volunteer Base

How does your association currently expand your volunteer network? You may reach out to local schools and businesses, find people through friends and family, or post on volunteer sites. Use video to expand your volunteer network. Create a video inviting people to volunteer with your organization. In the video, ask people to help with something specific, whether it is for an event you are hosting or for a specific outreach program. Avoid using generic language like, “join our cause.” People want to know that their volunteer work will be meaningful.

Retain Current Volunteers

When it comes to keeping your current volunteers, it’s important to stay connected with people and let them know their work is appreciated. Send video messages from your association’s volunteer manager to periodically check in, ask for feedback, and give thanks. Recognizing volunteers in this way will help them feel valued by your association.

If you host a volunteer appreciation event, collect video messages from donors, members, and people in your association thanking your volunteers. You can play this video during the event and share it with volunteers to show that they are respected by your entire association.

Engage Your Volunteers

Keeping your volunteers engaged during and outside of their volunteer time can help with overall satisfaction. When new volunteers start, provide them with any necessary straining resources. Keep the volunteer handbook in an easily accessible location and share digital copies with your volunteers. You can also create training videos with do’s and don’t’s for volunteering with your association.

Feature volunteers in any social and email campaigns. Let your members, donors, and people in your network see the great people who are helping your association thrive. Invite volunteers to record videos sharing why they volunteer with your association and what brought them to your association.

If a volunteer chooses to stop working with your association, send them a parting video message thanking them for their work. Ask them to provide any feedback that you can use to improve your volunteer program.

With video, you can form deeper connections and strengthen your relationships with your volunteers. Get started today with VideoRequest, our video marketing tool. With VideoRequest, you can easily manage your videos throughout the entire process, from video creation, editing, and sharing. Start your free trial today.

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