Video Content for Social Media

April 2, 2024

With the use of social media on the rise, it is important to keep your business in the spotlight on Instagram, X, Facebook, and TikTok. Creating a buzz around your business and its product or service offerings can attract new customers or clients. Posting video content is a great way to engage your virtual audience and create an interesting social media feed. Let’s explore a few examples of videos you can post to your social media accounts.

Customer Testimonials 

Posting customer testimonials is a great way to build credibility and trust with your online audience. Potential customers and clients want to hear from those who have experiences with your business. A video testimonial is more engaging and credible than a written review. Seeing and hearing real people provide a testimonial creates more of an authentic emotional connection with your audience. Feature current customers or clients in a video where they discuss their experiences with your product or service and highlight what they love about it. 

Educational Content

Posting educational content is a good way to position yourself as a knowledgeable leader in your industry. Keep up with the latest topics, news, and developments within the industries relevant to your work. Create video content sharing relevant news and information, along with your thoughts, opinions, and ideas.This will also help you build a positive brand reputation and gain rapport with potential customers and clients. 

Behind-The-Scenes/Company Culture

One way to build a connection with your audience is by posting behind-the-scenes videos. Post videos highlighting your company/team culture and operations/production. You can give your audience a sneak peek of the operations or production process, share fun clips from events, and spotlight your employees. This will help your audience get a better sense of the people and the work behind your product or service. 

User-Generated Content

Another great way to build credibility and meaningful connections with your audience is sharing content created by your customers or clients. Encourage your customers or clients to create videos featuring your product or service. Request to be tagged in these videos and engage with your customers or clients by liking and commenting on their posts. You can also request to share these videos on your social media account. Featuring your customers or clients always makes for a great post!

 Trends and Memes

Staying up to date with internet trends is one way to maintain a successful business account on social media. Trendy post formats and memes are especially appealing to Millennials and Generation Z internet users, which is useful for attracting a younger customer segment. TikToks and Instagram Reels are very popular in the social media sphere. Watch these videos to look for trending audios and memes. Find a way to connect these audios and posting formats to your business! Posting fun videos is a great way to attract attention to your account.

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