Legendeering: The Brand New video content strategy to build your brand

March 18, 2024

Join us March 20th at 12PM EST, for a workshop intended to teach you a very specific content development strategy which Tom developed and refined. As you may have guessed, that strategy is called “Legendeering,”

This strategy involves two parts: the philosophy upon which Legendeering is built, and a multi-phase action path for the creation of long-form, episodic video content according to the core principle and directives of that philosophy.

If you think most marketing strategies feel more like selling your soul than starting a movement; if you are tired of every conversation being tied to a transaction; or if you’ve been asking yourself, “Why can’t there be a better way to get visibility for my business?” you’re in the right place. You will learn or, as you’ll discover, relearn a more ethical, authentic, and relationship-based way of marketing your business.

This is Legendeering.

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