Insightpath, LLC Announces Rebranding, Changes Name to VideoRequest

October 11, 2023

[SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY, October 2023] – Insightpath, LLC announces today that it has rebranded and changed its name to VideoRequest, to match the product the company provides. VideoRequest is a video software solution that makes it easy for organizations to request, create, edit, and share videos.

With VideoRequest, organizations can both create their own videos and request videos from their audience. Within the VideoRequest solution, users can edit videos, add music, text overlays, and share videos on social media or embedded into emails or websites.

VideoRequest has added a number of new features to make the video creation process easier since its launch in January 2022, including:

  • Teleprompter Feature: This feature can be used to provide a default script and teleprompter for people recording videos. Users can also use this feature to create their own videos. This makes the recording process easier for the video creator.
  • Text to Audio: VideoRequest can convert written text into an audio snippet that can be included in a video. With this feature, anyone can have a voice in your video.
  • Script Assistant: Simply enter a prompt that describes what you want to say in your video, then select the audience, tone, and number of paragraphs you’d like to create your editable script. The Script Assistant will give you a starting script to work from.
  • Help Videos: Overview videos are available on the home page of the VideoRequest dashboard, making it easy to access video tutorials.
  • Discovery Checklist: To help new users discover more of VideoRequest, a checklist appears on the home page indicating feature usage.

Co-founders Terry Nawrot, CEO and Joe Tyler, CTO of VideoRequest, LLC are entrepreneurs with years of experience in providing Software as a Service. VideoRequest grew from Nawrot and Tyler’s learned experience from their customers and prospects about ways to gather feedback and information from clients which evolved into their video software solution.

“We decided to change our company name from Insightpath to VideoRequest in order to eliminate any confusion about our product and our company. We are thrilled to continue to evolve VideoRequest and add new features based off of our customers’ needs with video,” said Nawrot.

VideoRequest is available now. For more information, visit

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