Insightpath, LLC Announces Strategic Partnership with riplEFX, LLC

January 12, 2021



[SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY, January 2021] – Insightpath, LLC, is excited to announce our strategic partnership today with riplEFX LLC, a tactical strategic prospecting system for business professionals. This partnership will benefit customers by combining Insightpath’s technology platform to manage meetings and riplEFX’s strategic networking process, making it easier to have organized networking meetings, helping businesses connect to their target market.

Insightpath’s meeting management technology, delivers integrated calendars to schedule meetings, automated touch-points to connect faster, data collection to categorize key elements from conversations and dashboards to help business professionals understand their network connections and to track action items so they never miss an important task.

riplEFXs’ tactical strategic processing system is a new way to networking. With this systematic approach, business professionals are getting in front of their ideal clients and building strong relationships. The program includes full access to an online community to engage with other members and participate in various events.

This new partnership will allow users to track meeting engagements and easily share network connections with other members.

Insightpath’s CEO, Terry Nawrot, says “riplEFX’s powerful networking process offers a more strategic way of getting in-front of the right people. By creating a partnership, we are bringing two valuable solutions to the end user, allowing them to spend less time on organizing meetings and more time finding new connections.”

riplEFX’s CEO, Christine Smith, says “riplEFX is proud to partner with Insightpath. The connection between riplEFX and Insightpath will extend the power of both solutions, offering users a 360-degree view of their network connections and enabling them to have a clearer picture of their ideal clients.”

For further information about this partnership, contact Terry Nawrot at [email protected] or Christine Smith at [email protected].

About Insightpath

Founded in 2018, Insightpath is a unique meeting management solution for businesses. Insightpath offers integrated scheduling and automated messaging, along with project management and data analytics.  For more information, please visit

 About riplEFX, LLC

riplEFX, LLC is tactical strategic prospecting system for business professionals. A member-based organization, that started in 2020, riplEFX, LLC has created an innovative system that addresses the challenges of connecting to the right target market. The company is headquartered in Saratoga Springs, NY. For more information, please visit


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