Strengthen Your Company Culture with Video

April 19, 2024

A strong company culture will help your organization improve employee retention and overall employee satisfaction. You can strengthen your company culture by utilizing video as a means of communication between teams. First, let’s define what company culture is and then we will explore ways to use video to improve your organization’s culture.

What is Company Culture?

A company’s culture is the values, behaviors, and shared vision of that organization. Company culture is more than just the benefits employees receive, but rather the common vision that everyone at the company works toward. In order to have a thriving company culture, the company values must play out in its employees’ daily behavior.

Everyone in an organization is responsible for the company culture. It begins with the board of directors or management team who define the desired culture. The culture is then upheld by middle management and is executed out by all employees who align their attitudes with the culture and provide feedback.

Why is Company Culture Important?

Employee happiness and satisfaction should not be something that is optional for companies. In order for organizations to attract top talent and retain them, companies need a culture in place that supports employees and motivates them to perform their best. An engaging company culture allows employees to work toward a company’s shared goals, keeping everyone united with the organization’s mission.

How Can I Improve My Company Culture with Video?

Video is a tool that can foster connection and strengthen bonds between employees. Seeing coworkers and team members on video can bring people together better than emails or phone calls. Here are some ways you can use video at your company.

1. Create Video Introductions for New Employees

Let your new employees meet their coworkers ahead of their start date. For example, if you hire a new marketing team member, ask their team leader to create a video that introduces themselves and the other people on their team. Sharing this with the new hire on or before their start date will excite them for their first day and give them some familiarity with their team before they begin.

These introductions are especially important for onboarding remote employees. With these introductory videos, people will be able to still feel connected to their team, even if they are working in separate locations.

2. Create a Video Shout-Out Program

Another way to strengthen your company culture is to create a video shout-out program. Let’s say one of your teams completed a major project; the team leader could record a short video of themselves giving shout-outs to the people involved on the project and thanking them for their work.

This kind of shout-out process is great for improving morale across the company. Fostering a culture that encourages employees to recognize and thank each other will keep spirits and morale high.

3. Send Video Messages to Celebrate Milestones

Finally, one other way to use video at your organization is to send video messages to celebrate employee birthdays or work anniversaries. Sending messages of celebration and appreciation not only keeps the work environment fun, but also lets employees know that they are valued. This is another way to continue to improve your company’s employee satisfaction.

Sharing video messages across your company will continue to strengthen the bonds between your employees. Communication and recognition through video will provide you with a company culture that centers and values its employees.

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