Utilize Video to Improve Your Fundraising Strategy

June 21, 2023

Fundraising is a challenging but essential part of your association’s plan. Fundraising is most effective when it is consistently part of your strategy and not a last-ditch attempt to meet your annual goals.

People are more compelled to donate to your organization if they have a strong understanding of your mission and how you help the community. To do this, create content around your association’s story to give people an understanding of your purpose. As we’ve discussed on this blog previously, there’s no better way to tell your story than through video.

Let’s walk through a sample template for a 2-minute video that can be used to both tell your story and aid in your fundraising efforts.

Script Outline

  • Introduce your association and your mission. What does your organization do? Who or what are you helping?
  • Transition into your association’s mission. What does your organization want to have changed in 5 years? What are your long-term goals?
  • Who are the key people in your organization who are making this vision a reality? Employees, donors, members, volunteers; who makes your association shine?
  • Wrap it up by letting viewers know that you can achieve this vision with their help. Share how their donation will be used to make a difference. Invite people to donate and provide a link where people can donate.

This script template covers a few important topics:

  1. It introduces your association and lets people know why they should care;
  2. It spells out your vision of the future with the reminder that we can get there with your help;
  3. And finally, it gives people a place to donate.

As you write your script, you’ll want to consider the accompanying visuals. You can make your video as produced and edited as you want. This kind of video can simple, featuring a member of your team reading the script and talking to the audience. If you want to make it more involved, you can include key images of your association or stock video that relates to your industry. No matter which route you choose, your fundraising video will be most effective with a strong script that clearly states your association’s mission.

Once you’ve written your script and filmed your video, don’t forget to share it. Here are some places you can share your video:

  • On social media, posted during key fundraising times, and pinned to the top of your social feeds;
  • On your website in a prominent spot, either on your donations page or home page;
  • In email newsletters or email donations campaigns;
  • Linked through a QR code that placed in print mailings.

Any place that you ask for donations and promote fundraising, include video. When you’re ready to create fundraising videos, get started in VideoRequest, the all-in-one video marketing tool. Sign up for free today.

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