Our Guide to Video Testimonials

January 3, 2022

Customer testimonials are a great way to showcase the voice of your client on your website and in your sales and marketing efforts. Read on to learn more about the power of video testimonials, how to create them, and some ideas for how you can use them.

Why Do I Need Testimonials?

When it comes to an opinion on a product or service, there’s no one people trust more than someone who has real life experience using that product. Word of mouth strategies have become essential for marketing to customers today and testimonials are a key part of that. Testimonials allow prospects to learn about your product or service from one of your customers.

In addition to generating leads and helping with future sales, the process of creating testimonials will allow you to build stronger relationships with your existing customers by learning about their experience with your product.

Why Do I Need Video Testimonials?

Video testimonials are a way you can go further with your customer testimonials. Testimonials that include video footage of your customer talking about your product are even more powerful and authentic than written testimonials.

Video is an essential marketing strategy for all types of businesses in 2021. Video content allows prospects to become aware of your brand, and educate and delight customers.

Video testimonials allow prospects to see, hear, and therefore trust what your customers are saying. These types of videos can allow you to dig deeper into a customer’s experience than a written review. Video can show an emotional connection and authenticity, which will make it easier for viewers to trust the person speaking and the testimonial as a whole.

How to Ask for a Video Testimonial

Knowing the steps to ask for a customer testimonial are important:

Don’t ask a customer too early in your relationship: For a strong testimonial, it’s best to use a client who has a long standing relationship with your organization. Your video will be more successful with a client who has a strong understanding of your brand and has great experience with your product.

Ask after positive interactions: Asking for a testimonial at the exact moment that a customer is satisfied or happy with your product or service will ensure you are getting the type of testimonial you want to promote and share. Think about the various touch points you have with a customer and send a thank you note that includes the link to record a testimonial.

Send them all information about recording: When you make your ask, guide your customer with customized instructions to follow. Provide a question to help get them started, for example, “what do you like most about our product” or “what benefit are you seeing”. As you go through the process, remember that your customer is doing a great service for you and as such, it is important to make the process as easy as possible for them.

How to Create a Video Testimonial

Here are some tips to remember as you get started.


Send your client an email with a question or two to help generate ideas about their experience with your product. Let them know they can replay or even retake their video before they submit it. Remind them that location and lighting are a big part of having a good testimonial.


Customize your landing page with easy directions. Make sure to add a thank you to the landing page or include a discount coupon or gift card for submitting a testimonial. If you decide to edit the video to make a shorter clip, be sure to ask your customer if they are OK with the new edits.


Now that you have that perfect video testimonial, it’s time to put it to good use. Video testimonials are great additions to your sales and marketing efforts.

During your sales process, add short video testimonials in your sales deck when presenting to prospective customers. Create a landing page with all your testimonials that you can share with prospects. Try linking to that landing page in your email signature to make it easy for prospects to find.

Additionally, add video testimonials to your marketing campaigns. Share a series of testimonials on social media, share them in email campaigns, or embed videos into your customer success stories.

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