Looking Back at the Links to Leadership 2022 Charity Event

September 27, 2022


Last week, Insightpath attended and sponsored the Links to Leadership event to benefit the Capital District Women’s Employment and Resource Center (CDWERC). Today, we’re sitting down with Insightpath CEO, Terry Nawrot, to learn more about Links to Leadership, her experience with CDWERC, and how the CDWERC utilized video at the event.

1. Can you share more information with me about this event?

Sure! This September, I attended the 2nd Annual Merrill Links to Leadership Charity Golf Tournament. Insightpath is a sponsor of the event and I am a co-chair of the event. Links to Leadership is for golfers of all levels; attendees can either play a round or attend an “Intro to Golf” clinic with LPGA Teaching Hall of Famer, Kay McMahon.

Along with many amazing women leaders, we created this event, Links to Leadership, with the mission of bringing more women and girls together on the golf course. Not only is golf a great sport, but it’s a great way to gain confidence, engage in networking, and build lasting relationships.

2. Who does Links to Leadership benefit?

Links to Leadership benefits the Capital District Women’s Employment and Resource Center (CDWERC). WERC is a not-for-profit organization designed to provide services to women returning to the workplace after time away due various circumstances. These women often need guidance and help finding employment.

3. Why is this an important event for Insightpath to support?

After the 1st annual Links to Leadership event in 2021, I realized how important WERC is to the community and to the women they help. I heard from some of the women that benefited from the program and how their lives have changed because of it.

In 2022, I joined the marketing committee for WERC as a volunteer to help with any marketing related efforts they needed. Today, I am a board member and the Marketing Chair for WERC.

4. What was something memorable for you at the event?

The best part of this event is watching everyone engage with each other. The amount of people who get involved to volunteer, sponsor, and attend this event is absolutely amazing. Plus, it’s really fun!

5. Was there an opportunity for VideoRequest to be utilized for the event?

Yes! Inside the golf carts used during Links to Leadership were flyers with a QR code. Golfers could scan the QR code to record videos of their experience during the event using VideoRequest. Creating a video also entered people into a raffle to win a prize!
This was a really great utilization of VideoRequest for event marketing, as these videos can be used during future promotion of the Links to Leadership event to show how much fun everyone was having.

Check out this compilation video with some of the videos taken during the event!


6. Are there any tips you would suggest for using video at events or for nonprofits?

As we all know, video is an important part of any marketing strategy. It’s only becoming more valuable and used more frequently. Video is a great tool to showcase how much people love the event, the benefits they receive from attending, and why they will attend again in the future. Event videos are also a great way to promote an event during and after the event, as well as for future promotion the next year. People want to hear from other people and video brings a personal level of engagement that you can’t get from writing alone.

Thanks Terry! To learn more, click on the corresponding links for more about Links to Leadership, Capital District WERC, and VideoRequest.

*Photo by Joan Heffler Photography
*Videos by Insightpath

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