Increase Your Event Registration with Video

March 1, 2023

association eventsPlanning an event for your association involves juggling a lot of tasks; you have to book a venue, catering, find speakers, sponsors, and then promote it. After putting in a lot of effort, you’ll want to ensure you meet the registration goal for the event. Try using video as a tactic to build excitement for your event and inform prospective attendees about what they will get out of your event.

These are some types of videos you can create to get your audience excited about your event:

Speaker Videos

Give your attendees a sneak peek at what they can expect to learn at your event with videos from your speakers. Invite your speakers to record a 1-2-minute introduction or overview of their presentations. Seeing videos from your speakers will let attendees know what they can expect to learn and will make them excited to learn more. Viewers will also be able to form a connection with speakers after seeing them directly through video.

Get creative with how you promote these speaker videos. Post the videos on your social media accounts as a way to countdown to your event and as a way to tease the topics. Create an email campaign around the agenda and share a few speaker videos in each email. Include links to the videos in your digital agenda on your event’s landing page. Share these videos far and wide so as many people as possible can learn about your event.

Exhibitor Videos

Invite your exhibitors to share videos about what draws them to your event. Provide exhibitors with prompts to record videos about the significance of your event, such as;

  • Why do they choose to sponsor your event?
  • What about your association’s mission appeals to their company?
  • If they have attended your event in the past, what was their favorite memory from a previous event?

Share the videos with those exhibitors as part of your event marketing materials. Your sponsors have their own audience to market to; invite them to share these videos with their audience to expand your reach and gain more registrants. With permission, post these videos on your social media accounts and tag your exhibitors, making it easy for them to find and share.

Videos from Your Team

record speaker videosDon’t leave your own team members out of the event promotion. Invite your marketing and events teams to create promotional videos so they can share all the fun things that will happen at your event. Let your internal team build excitement surrounding the event by sharing countdowns to the event, behind the scenes footage of the event creation, and reasons why people should attend. Share these videos on social media or on your event landing page.

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