Go Beyond the Classic Customer Testimonial

September 6, 2023

Everyone is familiar with standard customer testimonials. Whether they are written or shared through video, typical customer testimonials explain why someone has used a specific product and why they will continue to use it. Customer testimonials are incredibly useful in educating prospective customers about the benefits of specific products. Testimonials are powerful tools and can be used for a variety of other purposes, rather than simply educating about a product. Let’s discover new types of testimonials you can create:

The Event Testimonial

Invite your event attendees, sponsors, or speakers to share why they attend your event. These testimonials can become part of your event promotion for future events. Target the testimonials for specific campaigns; use sponsor testimonials in campaigns for sponsors, and more. Include quotes or QR code links to video testimonials in your print materials. These testimonials are also a great way for you to learn about the value that attendees are receiving from your event.

The Customer Rep Testimonial

Does your company have customer or support representatives that work with clients? Invite your clients to share feedback or give shout outs to their representatives through a testimonial. These can either be used for either internal feedback or external promotion purposes.

The Education Testimonial

Testimonials aren’t just for companies and associations; education institutions can utilize them too. Let former graduates share the benefits they received from specific programs, majors, extracurricular activities, professors, and more. Share these testimonials on specific pages of your university website or in promotions to prospective applicants.

The Volunteer Program Testimonial

Nonprofits with volunteer programs should consider asking their volunteers for testimonials. In order to grow your volunteer program, you will need to continue to promote it, and there’s no better way than with testimonials from current or past volunteers. Ask your volunteers prompts such as, “What’s your favorite thing about volunteering with our nonprofit,” or “What about our nonprofit’s cause resonates with you,” and let them either provide written or video responses.

The Feedback Testimonial

As mentioned previously, testimonials don’t have to be exclusively for promotion. They can be helpful tools to use internally to learn from your customers, event attendees, volunteers, and more. Check in with your audience at any point during the customer journey. Ask them for feedback about specific pain points with a written or video testimonial. Ensure your team can review and act on any feedback received, even if it is as simple as a follow up email.

There is no end to the ways testimonials can be used across different companies, and they all can be collected with video. Get started with VideoRequest to begin your testimonial journey. Learn more today!

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