Expand Video to All Areas of Your Organization

February 21, 2022

Video has proven time and time again that it is powerful for all organizations. Seeing actual people in videos allows people to form stronger connections with brands and conveys authenticity. Organizations have embraced testimonial videos that showcase clients or employees talking about their experience with a company. However, video can be used for more than marketing and sales purposes. Here are some additional uses for video that will allow you to provide a better experience for your organization, users and employees.


Stand out from the crowd by incorporating video into your sales process. Video can be a useful tool no matter where your prospect falls in the sales process. Use video to introduce yourself and provide your value proposition when prospecting; when sharing resources with prospects, include a video of yourself explaining the main points and showing its benefits; and when closing, share a video that outlines the next steps and thanks your prospect. With video, your prospect can enjoy a more authentic and engaging sales experience. 

New Customer Onboarding

The onboarding process can be daunting for new customers. Acclimating to a new product can be challenging and customer representatives have to be ready to help. This is where videos can really shine. Customer reps can create videos to introduce themselves, share tips, answer frequently asked questions, and walk through product set up.

These videos will provide a more well-rounded process for customers to get started on their own. With these videos, customers can progress further down the onboarding journey more quickly and become more self-sufficient with your product or service.

Client Feedback

With less of a chance for misunderstandings, video client feedback allows customer success teams to better understand their client’s needs and feelings. This can make for a better customer experience and foster better relationships between reps and their clients. Additionally, videos of client feedback can be shown to stakeholders in your organization. Remember that videos featuring customer should always be taken and used with permission from the video subjects.

Research & Development

Organizations looking to do customer research have no time for misunderstandings or vague answers. They want to know exactly what new product or product addition would be beneficial to their clients. This is where video can help. Seeing your clients answer questions on a video call and then sharing that with your research team is extremely beneficial when it comes to making long-term decisions. While an answer on paper may be intriguing, seeing someone’s body language and expressions along with it tells a complete story.

Customer Training

Similar to onboarding, a series of videos dedicated to customer training in your organization can provide a lot of value to your clients. With these videos, customers can become experts with your product or service. You can even repurpose these videos into a training course with quizzes at certain milestones and a final exam. These videos will better support your customers as they become familiar with your product and will give them confidence in themselves as they learn about it on their own. Training videos can also be used for new employees to help them familiarize themselves with your product or service.

Customer Support

If your support representatives are struggling with understanding client issues, we have a solution for you. Customers submitting support tickets can attach a video that shows their issue. Support representatives can see the problem clearly and can eliminate back and forth communication. When they have a fix, support reps can send clients a video with an explanation on the fix so customers can take care of it themselves should it happen again. With video, both support reps and their clients have a better understanding of any issues and how they can be resolved.

Now that you’re ready to incorporate videos across your organization, we have the solution to simplify video creation. VideoRequest by Insightpath allows you to create videos as easily as hosting a video meeting. You can clip key moments of your call to then share with your team, your clients, or on your website. Contact us to see this feature in action today at Insightpath.io.

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