Enhance Member Experience with Video

November 21, 2023

Successful membership organizations should offer the best products and services to gain new members and continue renewals. Once members have joined, it’s important not to take that membership for granted. A great tactic is to utilize video to help keep members engaged and to inform them about member benefits, events, and updates. Here are some ways to enhance your member experience with video.

Send New Members a Welcome Video

When you get a new member, in their introductory email or package, include a welcome video from your CEO or director that gives them an overview of your organization and the benefits they will receive as a member.

Share Quarterly or Annual Updates

Your members appreciate being kept informed. Your organization most likely already shares updates about the company with your members. Try adding a video message to that communication for an extra-personal touch. These updates can often feel impersonal and routine, but adding a video where your director explains how the company is doing can help your members feel more connected.

Highlight Your Members

Have your new members create a video introducing themselves to your community. Provide them with a prompt to introduce themselves and why they are a member of your organization on video. You can keep these interesting by having people add a fun fact about themselves or something they like to do for fun. These videos will help your community connect with members so everyone feels involved.

Announce Benefits and Offerings

It’s important to keep your members aware of the value they receive as a member in order to ensure renewals. A great way to do so is to create videos that highlight new benefits or offerings for your members. These videos can be shared through email or on member-only landing pages or social channels.

Promote Member Events

Does your organization host events for your members? Promote the events with video. At the events, ask members to record a short testimonial about your organization and why they choose to be a member. You can use these videos to promote future events.

With these videos, your members will have an improved experience and will be more likely to renew. To start creating these videos, check out VideoRequest, our video software solution. With VideoRequest, you can collect, create, edit, and share videos, all from one easy-to-use platform.

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