Close the Customer Feedback Loop with Video

October 28, 2023

Every successful business needs to be thorough and accountable to its customers. After a customer provides you with feedback, they should receive a personalized response from your company. This follow up can be done with a video message, which adds an element of human connection and lets them know that a real person is responding to them. This is how you can close the customer feedback loop.

How Can I Close the Customer Feedback Loop?

After receiving input from a customer, they should receive targeted, personalized, and specific feedback. This response should let them know how you’ve taken action or will take action on their feedback.

For example, if a customer reported in an annual survey that your app was loading slowly, you should alert your development team and work to decrease the load time. Then you can close the feedback loop by following up with that customer and letting them know that the development team is working on this issue. Thank them for alerting you to this issue and ask if they have any other feedback to give.

If you receive feedback that your team cannot accommodate, be sure to give it consideration. As an end user, your customer knows your product or service well. If their suggestion cannot be done, don’t leave them out of the follow up. Be honest and explain to them why their suggestion is not possible. Thank them for their input and ask if they have any other feedback to provide.

How Can I Incorporate Video into this Process?

Video is a great tool to utilize in your feedback process. Video is engaging, memorable, and add a human connection for your clients. Here are some ways to include video as you close the feedback loop.

1. Include a video message from the support rep helping with their issue. This video should be personalized to the customer. Use the video message to thank them for alerting you of this issue and let them know that it will be fixed or if there is a reason it cannot be changed.

2. Share a video demo to assist with the customer’s issue. Video is great for explaining complex ideas and solutions. Use it to your advantage by creating a video that walks through the client’s problem and shows them how it can be fixed. If the client runs into this issue again, they will always have it in their inbox to refer to. Create or edit these videos in a way so they can be re-used and sent to other clients.

3. Show your client how you updated your product. If your customer’s feedback initiated changes to your product, use video to show the changes that were made. Showing the client how they helped move your product forward will excite them and is a great way to strengthen that relationship.

Why is Closing the Loop Important?

Personalized and specific customer follow up sets your organization apart. A majority of communication that customers receive from Marketing and Customer Success departments is automated and generic. Receiving communication that is personalized and specific to their feedback will be memorable to your customer. If that communication is done through video, it will especially be remembered. Listening and responding to customer feedback shows your organization’s dedication to your customers. This helps drive customer loyalty and can turn apathetic customers into brand loyalists.

Closing the loop also allows your organization to receive valuable customer feedback and insight into your product or service from those who know it best. Customer input can give your organization ideas for expanding your product or service in the future.

What are the Next Steps I Can Take with my Customers?

While closing the loop feels like the final step, there is always more you can do to keep your relationship with your customer strong. Keep the momentum going and continue to strengthen customer relations. After closing the loop with a customer, set a reminder to check in with them after a period of time. Send a video message three to six months after closing the loop that asks if they have any additional feedback to provide. If you integrated a change they suggested, ask if that update is working for them.

Listening to and acting on customer feedback will not only give your team valuable input but will also show your dedication to your customers. Get started closing the loop with video today. Use VideoRequest, our video software solution to easily collect, edit, and share customer feedback videos.

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