Case Studies: Now More Engaging with Video

March 1, 2022

Case studies allow your organization to showcase how a client has experienced success with your product or service. Take your case study to the next level by incorporating video of your client in your case study. Read more as we explore what case studies are, how they can help your organization, and how to enhance it with video.

What is a Case Study?

A case study is a piece of content that examines a challenge faced by a client and how they were able to solve it with a particular product or service. Case studies are typically written but can be published in any medium, such as video, infographic, or visual presentation.

Case studies help organizations highlight their successes with clients in a way that is persuasive to their target audience. In addition to focusing on the customers journey and goal, case studies often provide details about the product or service the organization used.

Why Do Organizations Need Case Studies?

Case studies help prospective clients understand how your company can help them achieve their goals. In order to win new business, you need to show proof that your product or service has provided value to others.

When making a purchase, people tend to look to their peers to see what worked for them. Having case studies focused on different industries, locations, and types of business can help you broaden your reach and show the versatility of your product.

Case studies should be used as an asset for marketing and sales. Having a gated case study on your website can help marketing find new leads. Additionally, sales people can use case studies when talking to prospects to show them how your product has succeeded in the past.

Incorporating Video to Your Case Study

Video is a great way to provide additional proof of success in your case study. Through video, you can highlight your clients speaking about their experience, show clients using your product, and provide more information about your product.

Embed videos of your clients speaking about your product or using your product into your case study. Seeing your client’s testimonial in the case study will further emphasize their happiness with your product and their endorsement of the product. Here’s an example of how you could include a customer video!

Another way to incorporate video is to make one that summarizes your case study to put at the beginning or end of the case study. During your case study promotion, use these videos you’ve made to highlight your client on social media or in an email campaign. With video, you can provide further proof of your client’s success in your case study and make it more engaging.

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