Business in the Metaverse: Organic Growth with Facebook: Part 4 of the Social Media for Business Series

April 27, 2022

Facebook as a platform has evolved beyond connecting with friends and family; it allows organizations to capture customer attention organically. Despite the rise of other social media platforms, Facebook’s presence isn’t going away. Here are three reasons why:

  1. The world is on Facebook. 36.8% of the world’s population is on Facebook; Facebook has billions of users. This is a massive audience that you can interact with.
  2. Facebook captures users’ attention. Not only is there a sizable audience on Facebook, adults in the United States use the platform for an average 33 minutes per day.
  3. Facebook has become an information source. 56% of people using Facebook reported using Facebook as a source of information. A majority of users use Facebook to learn new things, especially about new products.

With a business presence on Facebook, you can ensure organic growth for your business from individual users and other businesses. While Facebook Ads are now a paid option, this article will focus on organic growth on Facebook.

Getting Started with Facebook for Business brings you to the new Meta Business Suite where you can manage Facebook, Instagram, and messaging tools from a centralized platform. This is where you can create your Facebook business page and complete your profile. Key elements to include in your profile are basic company information, a link to your website, and contact information. A complete Facebook profile is the first step toward increasing your chances for conversions.

Curate Engaging Facebook Content

With a completed profile, it’s time to start posting. Your content should be relevant to your followers and entice your prospects. Ensure all curated content stays true to brand guidelines and is appealing to your target audience. Start by assessing your audience’s needs on Facebook and build content pillars, such as posts dedicated to blogs versus posts dedicated to product promotion. Use various mediums, such photos, text, or graphics to see what your audience likes and to keep your content interesting and fresh.

Consider incorporating video into your Facebook content. Watching videos now accounts for half of the time users spend time on Facebook. In other words, people on Facebook want to watch videos. Whether it’s a new product launch, a demo, or an introduction to your business team, video content should be part of your Facebook content strategy.

Our product, VideoRequest allows you to easily collect, edit, and share videos, right to Facebook. We have made the video creation process simple and efficient so you can more easily share content. Enhance your video content strategy with VideoRequest; claim your free trial here.

Utilize Tools for Posting Your Content

The best way to keep your social content fresh? Plan ahead. Utilize Meta’s Planner to schedule and plan your Facebook posts. “Moments” or important holidays and events are listed prominently in Meta’s Planner so you can plan around these events and leverage the momentum from them. In addition, this tool assesses the optimal times for posting. When you schedule posts, Facebook’s algorithm will generate optimal times for you to post. This will allow you to create a decent posting schedule that keeps your audience engaged. Consistent and quality posts will ensure that your organization demonstrates credibility on Facebook.

Another useful tool that the Meta Business Suite offers is the ability to cross-post with Instagram or Facebook. While some posts may be better suited on one platform due to formatting, style, or different audiences, if there’s an opportunity to cross-post to keep your content updated, this tool can help keep your content consistent across platforms. Be sure to take advantage of VideoRequest’s multiple integration feature to allow for direct video-to-platform posting on your social channels.

Manage and Grow Your Business Relationships

Facebook is a great tool for further developing your relationship with your customers. Answer questions directly, whether they are left in comments on posts or sent through Messenger. Nowadays, when so many responses come from chatbots, a response to a question from a real person means a lot to customers.

Not only can Facebook help you strengthen your relationships with customers, it can also allow you to make connections with other businesses. Follow other businesses you work with, those that are in your industry, or are in your local area to build those relationships. Whether you are hoping to network or exchange knowledge, comment and engage with their posts or send them direct messages. The Meta Business Suite offers a “Business Feed” where you can check out trending posts in your industry. Use this to help develop your content and share trending posts that your audience will enjoy.

Facebook is all about showing off your business moments, news, and content to generate engagement from your audience. By creating quality content, utilizing the Meta Business Suite, and engaging with your customers, your business can grow – one and share like at a time.

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