Intro to Video Series Part 3: 5 Key Video Metrics to Evaluate

June 1, 2022

Once you’ve invested in video creation, it’s important to evaluate your video even after its been published. Reviewing metrics is an important step for anyone who creates videos. These metrics can help you learn more about how your audience engages with your videos which can inform you what they like and don’t like about your content. Being aware of this information will help you learn more about your audience so you can create more content they enjoy.

1. View Count

View count is an essential metric as it tells you how many times your video has been played. However, view count should always be considered alongside other metrics. When seen on its own, view count can be misleading as it does not tell you how long those viewers watched your video. It is not as useful of a metric if 50% of your viewers only watched 3 seconds of your video.

2. Watch Time

Watch time is the total amount of time viewers spent watching your video. In other words, this metric tells you how long people engaged with your video. This is an important metric to compare with view count to see how long people watch your video. If you find that most of your viewers watch your video through the end, you can glean that the subject of the video is appealing to your audience.

3. Audience Retention

Audience retention is the percent of your audience that watches your video from beginning to end. This metric can tell you a lot about how engaging your audience finds you video and about your video length. If only 30% of your audience watches your entire video, it’s possible your video is too long or the content was not interesting to your audience.

4. Click-Through Rate

All content you create should have a relevant call-to-action (CTA) for your audience to engage with. Videos are no exception to this. Click-through rate tells you the percentage of people who engage with your call to action.

5. Rewatches

Rewatches are the number of times members of your audience watches your video again. A high number of rewatches can tell you the kind of content your audience finds educational and interesting.

Video is an important type of content and as such it’s always important to measure your content. By evaluating your content, you can learn more about your audience and the types of things they enjoy. These key metrics will help you analyze your videos to further improve your video strategy.

We hope you enjoyed our Intro to Video series! Returning to the basics is always helpful, whether you are brand new or experienced in creating videos. To see our video platform in action, join our weekly Demo Day, each Monday at 12pm EST.

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