Sierra Interactive

Louisville, Kentucky

Real Estate Technology Company

Sierra Interactive is a real estate technology company specializing in website design, customer relationship management software and real estate ad management.



Sierra Interactive did not feel they had a good pulse on the customer experience and much of Sierra’s decisions were made based on assumptions and not real data.

Customers were leaving and there was not a good way for them to understand why it was happening. They needed better insight into how their customers felt about onboarding and the pain points they were experiencing in the solution.

Goals for Sierra Interactive:

  1. Capture Net Promoter Score®
  2. Easily collect customer feedback
  3. Improve the customer experience
  4. Share customer data with leadership
  5. Manage customer data
We started using Insightpath to capture our Net Promoter Score. Once we started seeing results, we then used Insightpath to reach out to our detractors and find out why they were unhappy. Soon we realized the power of this platform and now use it throughout the customer journey. We finally have insight into how our customers feel and what they need, allowing us to quickly act and provide them a better customer experience. I love it!"
Joyce Wells

Manager of Customer Success, Sierra Interactive


What we did

Capture Net Promoter Score®
A goal for Sierra Interactive was to begin collecting data using the Net Promoter Score metric. This metric is used to understand a customers loyalty and helps measure the customer experience.

Sierra used Insightpath’s trending question Net Promoter Score. The question was easily added to an email. Once collected, Sierra was able to request a meeting directly after obtaining their score. This resulted in a quick response to any issues they were hearing and the ability to make fast changes.

Easily collect customer feedback
Sierra Interactive used the Insightpath technology to collect customer feedback as a result of the NPS metric. The reporting capabilities provided insight into where customers were unhappy and why, allowing them to quickly respond and take action.

Improve the customer experience
Since implementing Insightpath, Sierra Interactive was able to create a customer journey that improved the onboarding of new customers, tracked issues and took quick action. Creating better engagement with customers and showing a high level of service.

Share customer data with leadership
Using the Insightpath charts and metrics allowed data sharing with the leadership to help drive strategic goals and business decisions.

Manage customer data
Sierra Interactive began to manage their own customer data through Insightpath allowing them to create custom fields for both contacts and accounts. This data capturing has allowed them to visually see different aspects of their customer. Using the filter options, they could dive deeper into the data and uncover more results.



Sierra had more conversations with customers since implementing Net Promoter Score. To date, they reached a 37.3% NPS and it continues to rise.The feedback was extremely valuable and helped them improve internal process and create a better customer experience. The customer journey is ongoing and will continue to be enhanced overtime. They plan to continue to ask customers to provide NPS to keep tracking results and trends overtime.

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