Palette Café Success Story

Saratoga Springs, NY

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The Palette Café is Driving Business Growth Through New Member Onboarding



When new members join Palette, they receive an extensive questionnaire to fill out. This provides a way for Palette team members to get to know the member both in business and in life. It gives Palette the ability to use the information collected to design both programming and set goals individually with the member and as an organization. After the survey, their Head of Operations (aka Resident Unicorn), Marcella Hammer, sits down for a one-on-one interview. The challenge was capturing all the information and putting into place solid goals and action points.

This problem was leading to inefficiency in their process. There wasn’t a good way to standardize the questions being asked during the one-on-one interviews. There was also not a good way to create trackable data for the interviews that could benefit them long term.

The conversations are extremely valuable and in-depth but with nowhere to concretely put the information they were gaining, led to an inability to fully put the knowledge into action.

Using Insightpath, we’ve been able to improve and refine our member onboarding process. Now the information we garner can more directly impact both individual and organizational goals long term and helps us drive processes and methodology as we grow the business. It’s been such a pleasure to be able to use this tool to measure what had seemed impossible to measure...and scale it!”
Marcella Hammer

Resident Unicorn, The Palette Café


What we did

Palette started using Insightpath to help keep track of these important conversations. They were able to standardize the questions, making it easy to be consistent across all new members. This new process of onboarding members through interviews, allowed them to visually capture information about new members. The platform provides flexibility and ease of use, making it easy for them to start implementing this new process and begin seeing the results!



Palette now can look ahead and implement other projects that will help them both understand their membership and their needs and set future goals and actions into motion. Using Insightpath they were able to measure interview data that was previously being lost. They can now scale the process they implemented to grow their business.

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