Insightpath, LLC Announces New Video Testimonial Platform

January 12, 2022



[SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY, January 2022] – Insightpath, LLC announces a new direction for their organization. Previously an organizational feedback technology platform, Insightpath is launching their new product this month, VideoRequest, a video testimonial platform. This new platform helps organizations capture video testimonials from their clients and share them in an easy and efficient way.

VideoRequest makes it easy for any organization to capture testimonials from their clients and share those videos with prospective customers. In addition, customer success, marketing, sales, recruiters, and human resources are all departments that can benefit from seeing customers, applicants, and employees on video. All of these organizational areas can benefit from an easy-to-use video testimonial platform like VideoRequest.

With this solution, your organization can:

  • Improve your social media marketing strategy by sharing user-generated videos from your customers.
  • Find great additions to your team by enhancing your job post with video testimonials from your current employees.
  • Efficiently tackle support issues by allowing customers to take a video of their problem so your team can quickly understand the issue at hand.
  • Share customer feedback videos with your staff to ensure everyone understands your client’s needs.
  • Move prospects through the sales funnel by directing them to a gallery of engaging customer testimonial videos.
  • Learn from your current employees about new product ideas, ways to improve employee satisfaction, methods to strengthen company culture, and more.

Organizations who use VideoRequest will be able to gain further insights from their customers, employees, and prospective employees.

Co-founders Terry Nawrot, CEO and Joe Tyler, CTO of Insightpath, LLC are entrepreneurs with years of experience in providing Software as a Service. The idea for Insightpath came from running their last company, Informz, a marketing automation solution. Nawrot and Tyler learned from their customers and prospects about what they need to gather feedback and information from their clients which became the video testimonial platform.

“After re-visiting our previous product, we learned that our customers had a need for a video element. We found from conversations with customers and prospects that this was a must-have feature which led us to re-centering our product on video testimonials. Our new solution, VideoRequest provides people with an easy way to collect, edit, and share customer videos,” said Nawrot.

VideoRequest by Insightpath launched this month. For more information, visit

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