Utilize Reels in VideoRequest

April 20, 2023

If you’re a VideoRequest user, you’re likely familiar with reels. A reel is a VideoRequest term for a video that stitches together multiple videos in a row. There are numerous ways you can utilize reels for your marketing or customer success efforts. Let’s explore some ways you can use VideoRequest’s reels.

  1. Customer Testimonials

If you collect customer video testimonials, there may be times when you want to show them as one video instead of multiple different ones. For example, you may share testimonials with prospects throughout your sales process, or maybe you don’t want to clog up a landing page with lots of videos. Creating one longer video can also encourage prospects to watch more, as it is less effort than clicking play on multiple videos.

In your testimonial reel, add a text overlay that includes your customer’s name and organization. Knowing who they are and their company can help your prospects learn more about the industries you work with and imagine how your product can help them succeed.

  1. Event Promotion Videos

At VideoRequest, we often suggest creating videos for your event promotion. Hearing from speakers about their topics and from past attendees about why they attend can allow prospective attendees learn what they will get out of your event. Loop these videos together into reels for easy distribution through email, social media, or on your event’s landing page.

  1. Product Promotion Videos

Does your organization offer a variety of products or have a selection of feature to showcase? If you have individual videos created for those products or features, you can link them together with a reel. Play these videos at a tradeshow, on a product landing page, or link to it in an advertisement.

  1. Onboarding Videos

Simplify your customer, member, or employee onboarding process with video. Combine your onboarding videos into a reel with distinct chapters so everyone can easily follow along. Bringing all of your onboarding videos together will make it easy for people to learn about your organization and ensure they don’t miss any crucial onboarding details.

Reels are simple to create in VideoRequest and can be utilized for a wide variety of marketing or business use cases. If you’re not using VideoRequest already, sign up for your free trial today.

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