Using Video Across Social Media Platforms

April 26, 2023

Video has become an extremely popular medium on social media. With the increasing popularity of video has come platforms that only share videos, like TikTok. For easy sharing, VideoRequest integrates with major social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok. From VideoRequest, users can embed or link to videos created in our platform onto social.

With all the platforms out there and the different audiences they have, it can be challenging to know which one best fits your market. Let’s explore each social platform to help you determine the best place for your content.


The world uses Facebook; nearly 37% of the world’s population is on Facebook, and this likely includes your audience. Furthermore, Facebook has evolved to become an information source, with 56% of people using it as a place to learn new things, even about products. Facebook will have the widest audience of all social platforms and people are used to seeing information about products and advertisements in their feed. Facebook allows users to share content in a variety of mediums, including text posts, photos, and videos.


Twitter is another platform with a large audience that amplifies all voices, from public figures, businesses, and regular people. Twitter lets users share their thoughts, as long as they come in under 280 characters. While it was traditionally a medium for text, photos, videos, polls, and graphics have become more popular to share, especially by businesses. Tweets with videos have become more popular over the years, and have been found to receive 10 times more engagement than tweets without videos. Conversations and trends move rapidly on Twitter, so if you are too late for one trend, just wait a few minutes for the next one.


Instagram has rapidly grown in popularity over the last few years and has evolved to become a home for brands, as well as people. Instagram lets users post photos and videos with a short caption. Instagram stories, a later addition to the platform, allows users to post timely photos and videos that are only available for a short amount of time. Stories allow for user engagement where people can send reactions, share with their friends, and respond to polls. While main feed posts on Instagram are more for evergreen content, stories can be time sensitive and timely.


LinkedIn is platform to be on for all things business and B2B marketing. 92% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as part of their marketing mix. LinkedIn is also a place where jobs are posted and applied to and networking happens. LinkedIn lets users share images, text posts, polls, and videos to their network. If you’re looking to market your company, your company culture, and your job postings, LinkedIn is the place to do it.


The newest social media platform, TikTok has exploded in popularity since it became available in the United States in 2018. TikTok lets people post and interact with short, often light-hearted videos. TikTok has also become a place where people come to shop or learn about new products, with 74% of users stating that TikTik encouraged them to learn more about a brand or product. TikTok videos often feature quick-moving trends and formats that companies can jump onto if they are posting regularly.

Videos can be found on all social media platforms, but you may want to target certain audiences on certain platforms with your videos. VideoRequest makes it easy to integrate and share your videos on each social platform. Get started with VideoRequest today!

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