Part 4: Sell it to Your Team with Key Metrics

December 6, 2022

Any organizational leader wants proof that their marketing tactics provide them with leads and measurable results.

Reviewing metrics is an important step for anyone who creates videos. These metrics can help you learn more about how your audience engages with your videos which can inform you what they like and don’t like about your content. Being aware of this information will help you learn more about your audience so you can create more content they enjoy.

View count is an essential metric as it tells you how many times your video has been played. However, view count should always be considered alongside other metrics. When seen on its own, view count can be misleading as it does not tell you how long those viewers watched your video. It is not as useful of a metric if 50% of your viewers only watched 3 seconds of your video.

Watch time is the total amount of time viewers spent watching your video. In other words, this metric tells you how long people engaged with your video. This is an important metric to compare with view count to see how long people watch your video. If you find that most of your viewers watch your video through the end, you can glean that the subject of the video is appealing to your audience.

Audience retention is the percent of your audience that watches your video from beginning to end. This metric can tell you a lot about how engaging your audience finds you video and about your video length. If only 30% of your audience watches your entire video, it’s possible your video is too long or the content was not interesting to your audience.

Gain New Leads by adding call to actions at the end of your videos. Include an end to your video that prompts the viewer to take an action. This could be directing them to another piece of content, watch another video, or to contact your company for more information. Direct people to a landing page or a form that will allow you to collect their information so you can gain more leads from your content.

With the promise of more leads, and measurable video content, your leadership team will have the confidence in video testimonials and case studies.

This concludes our series, Set Your Organization Apart with Customer Advocacy. What should we explore next? Send us your suggestions at [email protected].

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