Part 3: Ensure Social Proof with Video

November 30, 2022

Video content is here to stay. Our brains retain visual content better than words. Studies have shown that the average viewer will remember 95% of a message when watched, versus 10% when read (Medium). Video is engaging, easy to understand, and easier to create than ever.

Want another reason to incorporate videos? People like video content. According to studies, 54% of consumers want to see branded content from businesses and 55% of people consume video content thoroughly rather than skimming. This tells us that people really enjoy watching videos. Therefore, the best way to continue to delight your audience is by giving them content they want.

Video testimonials are a way you can go further with your customer testimonials. Testimonials that include video footage of your customer talking about your product are even more powerful and authentic than written testimonials.

Video testimonials allow prospects to see, hear, and therefore trust what your customers are saying. These types of videos can allow you to dig deeper into a customer’s experience than a written review. Video can show an emotional connection and authenticity, which will make it easier for viewers to trust the person speaking and the testimonial as a whole.

Video is a great way to provide additional proof of success in your case study. Through video, you can highlight your clients speaking about their experience, show clients using your product, and provide more information about your product.

Embed videos of your clients speaking about your product or using your product into your case study. Seeing your client’s testimonial in the case study will further emphasize their happiness with your product and their endorsement of the product.

Another way to incorporate video is to make one that summarizes your case study to put at the beginning or end of the case study. During your case study promotion, use the videos you created to highlight your client on social media or in an email campaign. With video, you can provide further proof of your client’s success in your case study and make it more engaging.

This concludes Part 3 of our series, Set Your Organization Apart with Customer Advocacy. Check back next week for our final post in this series as we explore key video metrics to review.

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