Grow & Retain Your Member Base with Video

February 15, 2023

It’s essential for associations to continue growing their member base while simultaneously retaining those members. Once you’ve welcomed a new member, you don’t want to leave them in the lurch. Members, like any customers, need to be nurtured so they stick around and renew. Video is an effective tool that associations should use to attract new members and then keep them. Let’s explore how associations can effectively leverage video to ensure a happy and thriving member base.

Growing Your Members

What do prospective members want to know? They want to know who your association is, why your association is important, and why they should become a member. Creating videos that show this ensures that your message is engaging. Here are the videos that will help you achieve higher engagement.

Association explainer video

1. Explainer Video: Simply, an explainer video demonstrates your association’s mission. This type of video should be easily accessible to all. Maybe it’s on the home page of your website or pinned to the top of your social media feeds. By watching your explainer video, prospective members can easily understand the goal of your association and why they should become a member. Your explainer video can also be used in promotional campaigns to expand your audience and grow membership.

2. Member Testimonials: Looking for an effective way to convert prospective members? Let them learn about your organization from current members. People trust the word of other customers. How often have you read reviews of a product before buying? Share member testimonial videos with prospective members to inform them about the benefits they receive. Offer your current members with an incentive to record a video testimonial about why they enjoy being a member.

3. Educational Videos: Aside from your explainer video, prospective members might want more information about exactly what your association does. Creating and sharing videos about who you are, how your association helps, and what your goals are will help prospects learn more and can inform them of why they should become a member. Educating your members will remind them of the value your association provides.

Retaining Those Members

Let’s pivot to ways you can retain those members you just gained. It’s important to nurture current members to ensure future renewal. Here are some types of videos that will help you retain your members.

1. Benefit Videos: New members may not be aware of all Onboard new membersthe benefits they receive as a member of your association. Make it easy for members to learn about membership benefits by creating videos that outline all their benefits and how they can use them. Include these videos as part of new member onboarding or on member-specific landing pages.

2. Onboarding Videos: Get new members started on the right foot with a series of onboarding videos. Create videos introducing team members they can reach out to along with videos about their benefits. A strong onboarding process prevents members from leaving, reminds them of the importance of your association, and shows them your dedication.

3. Video Messages: What do you do to nurture your long-time members or ones who are not as engaged? It never hurts to ask for feedback from your members. Create personalized video messages that ask your members for feedback. A one-on-one video message shows your commitment to member success. Review the feedback you receive to ensure your association is doing everything you can for your members.

With videos about your association, member testimonials, and video messages, your association will continue to gain and keep your members. Learn more about how video can help you meet your association’s goals with VideoRequest. Sign up for VideoRequest today so you can get started creating, editing, and sharing your videos.

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