Achieve Your Networking Goals with Insightpath

January 12, 2021

As a small business, we understand the power of networking better than most. Networking can help you to grow your business, make new sales, or even find a job. That’s why we’ve developed a product that can help anyone looking to organize interviews or meetings, take notes, and stay connected. With networking, you can make better introductions and get past the gatekeepers at your target organizations to help you achieve your goal. For whatever purpose you have set, our tool can keep you connected, organized, and true to your networking goals.

We’ve recently partnered with riplEFX, a community that is dedicated to helping people network to move their business forward. riplEFX’s proven networking process and strategic format helps get you in front of your ideal connections. They help you create strong relationships at your target companies to achieve your goals.

In conjunction with riplEFX, you can use Insightpath’s platform to keep you organized and on top of your meetings so all you have to worry about is building connections. Our step-by-step process helps keep you on task and organized for your networking meetings.

Make Introductions: Insightpath’s automated invitation process allows you to connect with your target organizations on a larger scale. We help you set up a variety of touch points so you can get more meetings scheduled more efficiently.

Schedule Meetings: Once you’ve gotten in the door, you can set up meetings in Insightpath. Our platform connects with your calendar so there’s no more going back and forth trying to find a good time to meet.

Organize Your Thoughts: Create networking templates with various scripts and questions for your meetings. With your questions prepped ahead of time, you can focus on meeting with your networking contact instead of wondering what you should ask them next.

Excel in Your Meetings: Insightpath allows you to record your virtual meetings so you’re always capturing the right information. You can also take notes during your meeting and keep all of your data in one place.

Stay Connected & Track Goals: Our dashboard is a great place to keep track of tasks and your progress. Set reminders for you to follow up with people after your meetings to ask any follow up questions and keep your relationships strong. The task dashboard can also be used to track your networking goals and future planning.

With Insightpath and riplEFX, you have everything you need to network successfully. Contact us for a free trial and start achieving your networking goals.

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