5 Essential Videos Your Non-Profit Should Create

January 25, 2023

video for associationsVideo is an incredibly powerful tool that non-profits should be using. According to a Google study, 57% of people made a donation after watching an online video. Your non-profit organization undoubtedly has a great story and mission to share; there’s no better way to tell it than through video.

Let’s explore these 5 types of videos your non-profit should create to increase awareness, donations, and volunteers.

1. Explainer Video About Your Organization
An explainer video is a great way to introduce your organization to prospective donors. It gives an overview of your mission, goals, and the people you help. The explainer video can be used in introductory emails to prospects or on the home page of your website so people can easily learn about your organization. Wyzowl has a great list of the best 20 non-profit explainer videos. Check it out here.

2. Event Promotion Video
Does your non-profit host events on a regular basis? Attract more registrants with videos about what they will gain from your events. The videos can conclude with a call to action to register for the event. At your events, be sure to snag videos of attendees talking about why they attend and donate to your organization to promote future events.

3. Thought Leader Video
As a non-profit leader, you are undoubtedly an expert in your industry. Make the most of your expertise by creating videos that show that you are a thought leader in your industry. For example, if your non-profit helps local schools, create videos about education, tips for helping school children, and future trends in education. With these videos, you can cement your non-profit as an expert in your field.

4. Volunteer Showcase Video
You have great spokespeople for your mission right at your fingertips: your volunteers. Film videos with your volunteers that show what they do and interview them about why they volunteer for your organization. Include a call to action at the end that invites people to volunteer with you.

5. Testimonial Video
Show your non-profit’s impact on video with testimonial videos. Interview people that your organization helps to show exactly how you help your community. Testimonial videos demonstrate how you are working toward the mission that your organization strives to accomplish. Be sure to include details for how people can donate to your non-profit in your video.

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